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Gross Filth Kitchen

CleanupDirectory.com is often referred to as a Crime Scene Cleanup Directory. Although most of our members do in fact respond to scenes following a crime related incident, much of the work our members do has nothing to do with a crime. Members of CleanupDirectory.com, and those who serve Akron, Ohio, regularly respond to scenes, such as the one pictured to the left, that don't involve any blood or bodily fluids. Although this particular job did involve biohazards (mold, fecal matter and blood), many similar jobs only involve large quantities of trash and debris.

CleanupDirectory.com is a very diverse directory with highly trained and skillful members who are adaptable to almost any condition or environment. While our members routinely provide cleanup and remediation services to crime and trauma related scenes, they are equally adept at cleaning the home of a hoarder, gutting "trash houses", removal and treatment of mold, odors and animal feces.

Very few companies in the Crime Scene Cleanup Industry are as knowledgeable about crime and trauma scene cleanup as the members of CleanupDirectory.com. Even fewer companies are as caring and compassionate as our list of highly trained and experienced members and their dedicated staff of technicians.

If you are interested in learning more about working in the Crime Scene Cleanup Industry, please visit the "Trainers" section of CleanupDirectory.com

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www.CleanupDirectory.com is much more thorough and offers even more in-depth information concerning our members who provide Akron crime & trauma scene cleanup services, Akron blood cleanup, Akron hoarding cleanup, Akron unattended death services and other biohazard & cleaning related services.

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